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The SandraSelerity Polaratherm Series is designed to enhance the analysis of chemical mixtures through HPLC at elevated and sub-ambient temperatures. Although often neglected, temperature plays an important role in HPLC since the majority of chromatographic properties are a function of temperature. Nevertheless, to this date the possibilities of temperature to improve LC separations have not been fully investigated and the majority of liquid phase separations are performed in the temperature region between 20 to 40°C or without thermostatting.

The use of elevated temperature has proven effective for improving the overall chromatographic performance on conventional equipment.

The main advantages of using temperature in LC are:

  • Speed: Increase speed by increasing the temperature and flow rate.
  • Efficiency and resolution: Increase efficiency by using longer columns/smaller particles at elevated temperature.
  • Selectivity: Change selectivity with temperature.
  • Lower consumption of organic solvents - Green chromatography: Higher temperature requires less solvent.
  • Improved detectability: Improve peak shape. Use only water.
  • Temperature programming: Replace solvent gradients with a temperature program.

HPLC and Temperature

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