GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) is more than just a widely used and highly productive autosampler.
The MPS 2 offers more options for introducing samples than any other autosampler, providing modern analytical laboratories with high throughput and high performance coupled with unparalleled flexibility.


MPS 2 for GC ( GC/MS) and MPS 3 for LC ( LC/MS)

The MPS easily adapts to changing demands in the laboratory
A large number of modules and sample preparation technologies are available for the MPS. The following techniques are automated using the MPS:

  • Solid Phase Extraction SPE
  • Dynamic HeadSpace DHS
  • Headspace HS
  • Solid Phase Micro Extraction SPME
  • Thermal desorption of solid or liquid samples TDU
  • Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (GERSTEL Twister®) SBSE
  • Automated Liner EXchange ALEX
  • Automatic Tube EXchange ATEX
  • Disposable Pipette Extraction DPX
  • Membrane Assisted Solvent Extraction MASE
  • Dual Rail Sample Preparation PrepStation
  • Large Volume Injection – LVI
  • On-line sampling or LC/GC coupling
  • Liquid sample preparation – Sample Prep by Mouse-Click :

Adding internal standard
Extraction or Dilution
Heated or cooled sample conditioning and agitation
Integrated weighing option

The MPS is easily and conveniently controlled from the GERSTEL MAESTRO Software

  • Just One method and one sequence table controls the entire system: MPS, GC, LC/MS or GC/MS
  • Sample preparation is performed during GC or LC analysis of the preceding sample ensuring highest possible throughput and system utilization.
  • Sample Prep by mouse-click.