GERSTEL Thermal Desorption System

The GERSTEL Thermal Desorption System TDS 3 is a flexible multi-functional system for highly sensitive determination of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) that have been trapped on adsorbent tubes or on GERSTEL Twisters.

The TDS 3 is also frequently used for direct thermal extraction and determination of VOCs and SVOCs from solids without sample preparation. Application examples are natural products, flavor and fragrance, emissions from materials that are used indoor in buildings or in automobiles, semiconductors, polymers and packaging.

The TDS 3 is mounted on top of a Cooled Injection System CIS that is used as a cryotrap, focusing and concentrating the components to be determined, and then transferring them to the capillary column in split- or splitless mode without analyte discrimination or loss of analytes.

With the addition of the GERSTEL TDS A2, the TDS 3 becomes a fully automated thermal desorption system capable of unattended analysis of up to 20 samples.
The GERSTEL Online TDS G enables whole-air sampling as well as direct sampling of gas streams for continuous on-line monitoring.

Accessories for Thermal Desorption

GERSTEL Thermal Extractor TE 2
The Thermal Extractor TE is a preparation system for large volume samples to be analyzed using the TDS 3.

GERSTEL Tube Conditioner TC 2
The Tube Conditioner TC 2 enables simultaneous conditioning of up to 10 TDS tubes or up to 50 GERSTEL Twisters.

GERSTEL Gas Sampler GS 1
Compact Gas Sampler with built-in sample changer for up to 10 TDS tubes.

GERSTEL Pyrolysis Module PM1
The Pyrolysis Module PM 1 allows heating a sample to a final temperature between 500°C-1000°C.

GERSTEL Tube Standard Preparation System...
The Tube Standard Preparation System TSPS is designed for the preparation of solvent-free thermal desorption standards.