The Research Institute for Chromatography is equipped to assist customers in every step of the analytical process: from instrumental developments/installation, sample preparation and method development, to implementation of the method in your laboratory and training of your staff.

Fundamental Research

The Research Institute for Chromatography is continuously searching for new technologies and methods. These techniques are evaluated and compared to conventional separation methods. Results are published on a regular basis in various peer reviewed journals. The Research Institute for Chromatography also actively participates in a number of international conferences and seminars.

Method Development and Validation

The development of new methods for the characterization of chemicals and for sensitive and selective determination of solutes in various (complex) matrices is often a bottleneck in a routine environment. A lack of time, trained staff, and necessary analytical equipment are very often hindering a smooth development process. The Research Institute for Chromatography has extensive experience in developing new chromatographic methods and sample preparation approaches for a very broad range of samples and chemicals. Confidentiality of structures and samples is a key word in our activities. Once new methods are developed, the performance and robustness of the method are validated.


Although the Research Institute for Chromatography is not a routine laboratory, project based analytical services to third parties are offered by the Analytical R&D department. The array of available analytical equipment in the laboratory is constantly updated. Consequently, state of the art instrumentation and methodologies can be applied to tackle challenging problems.

Instrument Development

“Necessity is the mother of invention”. Arising from specific needs encountered during the analysis of a wide range of samples, new ideas are translated into innovative instruments or instrument add-ons that are developed in the Research Institute for Chromatography. In collaboration with instrument manufacturers, instruments can be modified to improve system performance in terms of accuracy, precision, reproducibility, and automation in general and for a particular application.


A full training program in various fields of chromatography and electrophoresis is offered. Training courses can be organized at the Research Institute for Chromatography or at your company site. The covered topics can be customized to meet your specific requirements and analytical challenges. Theoretical “lecture-room” sessions are generally alternated with practical “hands-on” sessions resulting in a comprehensive training of the course participants.


Dealing with a large variety of analytical challenges, a vast experience has been established over the years. This experience is extremely valuable to approach analytical problems and to recognize their origin. Together with the customer and partners, solutions are offered and action plans proposed. The ideas can be tested in real time in the laboratory and the result can direct the customer to act more efficiently. Results gathered in R.I.C. can also optimize proper selection of new analytical equipment. 

Total analytical solutions and after-sales service

By combining the world's most popular range of chromatographic instrumentation with the dedication of our expert, highly motivated staff, turn-key total analytical solutions are developed and offered.
The highly qualified RIC staff has successfully completed the technical training program of our channel partners and can offer total services ranging from installation and implementation of customized systems to technical support, system maintenance and repair, customer care and technical training programs.