GERSTEL Solid Phase Extraction

Performing Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) manually can be time consuming, tedious, and difficult to achieve acceptable recovery and reproducibility due to sample variability. If SPE can be reliably automated, it becomes a much more efficient and reproducible process. 

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) with Automated SPE Option for standard cartridges provides several benefits compared with manual SPE:

  • Improved recovery, precision and reproducibility
  • Maximized sample throughput by performing SPE during GC or LC analysis of the preceding sample
  • More than 50 percent time saving for overall analysis, compared to manual process

LCMS QQQ + SPE Image.jpg

Following the SPE clean-up steps, the MPS can introduce the sample extract directly to an LC/MS or GC/MS system for analysis. Alternatively, the MPS can be used as a stand-alone sample preparation robot, preparing samples for multiple LC/MS or GC/MS systems in your laboratory. 

Main Features and Advantages

  • Provides automated SPE using standard 1 mL, 3 mL and 6 mL cartridges
  • Cartridge conditioning, sample addition, elution, blow down and injection steps are completely automated
  • Automation provides tight control on all method parameters for optimum reproduciblity
  • Internal standard addition
  • Complete software control using Maestro software
  • Can be integrated into Agilent Technologies ChemStation