GERSTEL Tube Conditioner TC 2

Conditioned tubes are essential for performing thermal desorption analyses, so it is important to have an ample supply of tubes on hand. The GERSTEL Tube Conditioner TC 2 allows simultaneous conditioning of up to 10 TDS, TDU tubes and up to 50 Twister stir bars. The TC 2 is a stand-alone system and therefore provides the means to condition tubes without interfering with sample analysis.

In the conditioning process, the TDS tubes are heated in the TC 2 with a fixed flow of ~100 mL/min of inert gas. After conditioning, the tubes can be quickly cooled outside of the TC 2 without interruption of gas flow. The unique pneumatics system does not require all 10 positions to be filled, and can condition a mix of adsorbent packed or empty tubes simultaneously.
The same design principles used in the TDS were used for the TC 2, therefore, the TC 2 provides highly accurate temperature and gas flows as well as a contaminant free gas stream.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Conditions tubes off-line so TDS can be used for sample analysis only
  • Precise temperature and flow control
  • Accomodates many types of tubes
  • Provide effecient conditioning of Twister stri bars
  • Small footprint