GERSTEL Gas Sampler

The GERSTEL Gas Sampler GS 1 is a compact, microprocessor controlled gas sampler with a removable sample tube carrousel that hermetically seals up to 10 TDS or TDU tubes. The GS 1 incorporates all components needed for gas sampling in one small package and allows gas flow and sample volume to be set independently.
The combination of microprocessor control and integrated high quality massflow controller and vacuum pump, guarantee that all sampling parameters are accurate and reproducible.

Up to 10 TDS or TDU tubes with various adsorbents can be placed in the sample carousel. Each sampling session can consist of up to 10 consecutive sampling methods, with all method parameters being independently programmable for each sampling tube. Sampling methods and data are stored in RAM backed up by an internal battery. All data can be downloaded after each sample is taken. Individual samples can be taken at the press of a button.

An optional battery pack allows the GS 1 to be used in the field.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Complete automation in self-contained package
  • Integrated mass flow controller and vacuum pump for precise sampling
  • Programmable sample volume (0.1 NL to 40 NL)
  • Programmable flow rate (0.1 L/min to 1.5 L/min)
  • Data reporting and storage
  • Battery operation option

Options and Accessories

  • Battery pack
  • Sampling turret for TDS tubes (7" x 6 mm OD)
  • Sampling turret for TDU tubes (60 mm x 6 mm OD)

GS 1

GS Image.png