GERSTEL Pyrolysis Module

The GERSTEL Pyrolysis Module PM 1 is an accessory to the Gerstel TDS that extends its capability so that thermal decomposition products can be determined. The PM 1 allows heating a sample beyond the normal thermal desorption temperature limit of 400°C to a final temperature between 500°C to 1000°C. This allows the determination of thermal decomposition products of such samples as paint, polymers, adhesives, plastics and packaging materials. Some key areas where the PM 1 can be used are in production quality control, product development and forensic science.

The PM 1 is very easy to use. The sample is placed in a quartz capillary tube and inserted in the pyrolysis chamber at its tip. The module is then manually inserted into the TDS in the same way as a standard TDS tube. As in standard thermal desorption, pyrolysis products are transferred and refocused in the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System CIS, and then introduced as a narrow band onto the GC column for separation.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Adds pyrolysis capability to any TDS system
  • Pyrolysis temperature of 1000°C
  • Complete software control
  • Easy to use