The GERSTEL MPS PrepStation is a dual-rail configuration of the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler that is fully programmable to perform automated sample preparation and sample introduction.

One rail of the PrepStation is an automated liquid sample handler that performs a wide range of sample Dual Rail LI + LI.jpgpreparation functions (dilution, derivatization, standard addition, etc.).
The second rail enables many automated sample introduction options, depending upon the selected MPS hardware configuration.

The GERSTEL MPS PrepStation offers a unique combination of simplified programming with advanced automation capabilities. This system gives you very high sampling productivity and allows you to easily adapt to new analytical challenges.

Main Features and Advantages

  • Complete software integration
  • Modular design, easy to add capabilities
  • 10 major automation options available
  • Sample prep by mouse-click
  • On-line or off-line sample preparation for GC or LC applications

MPS PrepStation

PrepStation Brochure.pdf

Dual Rail LI + HS Image.jpg