Polaratherm 9000

The Polaratherm 9000 is a stand-alone column compartment capable of controlling column temperature from subzero to 200°C in isothermal and fast temperature programming modes. Temperature can be applied as an active variable in HPLC separations. The Polaratherm is an inexpensive addition to already existing capital equipment and enables to greatly enhance productivity.

The Polaratherm can be operated in various modes:

  • Elevated Temperature LC
  • Subzero Temperature LC
  • Fast Temperature Programmed LC (as in gas chromatography)



  • HIGH SPEED: Decreased solvent viscosity at elevated temperature leads to lower back pressure. This allows the use of higher flow rates.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY AND RESOLUTION: At elevated temperature the solute transfer from the mobile phase to the stationary phase is more efficient. This results in high efficiency, even at elevated flow rates. The low back pressure due to the decreased solvent viscosity at elevated temperature allows the use of smaller particle sizes and/or longer columns.
  • LOWER CONSUMPTION OF ORGANIC SOLVENTS - GREEN CHROMATOGRAPHY: Reduce the amount of organic solvent in the mobile phase. Use thermal gradients instead of solvent gradients and recycle mobile phase. Use only water and ethanol for separations at elevated temperatures.
  • UNIQUE SELECTIVITY: Tune selectivity with temperature.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Increased detectability, less band broadening. Improved peak shape for basic solutes.

Full control of the Polaratherm Series 9000 with Agilent Chemstation, Agilent EZchrom and Waters Empower implemented software.