GC and GCMS systems

A Comprehensive Portfolio from the Leader in Gas Chromatography

Agilent Technologies provides the broadest selection of gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) systems and supplies in the industry. So whether you need flexible, reliable hardware and software for complex research or simple, robust systems for routine production environments, we can offer what you need to meet your analytical and business challenges.


7820A GC

The Agilent 7820A GC is an affordable, high-quality solution for small- to medium-sized labs that are mainly concerned with routine analyses using standard GC methods. It was designed to maximize uptime, minimize maintenance and complexity, and provide a high return on your investment. The 7820A GC system uses Agilent’s proven electronic pneumatics control (EPC) and digital electronics so you will get the unsurpassed performance you expect from an industry leader and results you can count on.
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7890B GC

The Agilent 7890B GC with Integrated Intelligence is built on over 40 years of gas chromatography experience. The advanced features of the 7890B GC help you get more done in less time while the quality design and reliability mean the system will maintain its high level of performance for years to come.

In our experience, no other manufacturer can match the combination of reliability, technology and consistently good instrument-to-instrument performance. 

R.I.C. uses combinations of the best technology available from the World's leading GC company to provide analytical solutions that will meet your needs exactly.
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5977A Series MSDcovergcmsdals_tif.jpg

Welcome to the next generation of the industry-proven Agilent MSD, the most popular GC/MS of all time. The 5977A MSD includes a new, highly sensitive Extractor Ion Source for higher Signal-to-Noise (SNR) and a statistically based, low-femtogram Instrument Detection Limit (IDL). The 5977A MS is perfectly complemented by the newly integrated intelligence of the 7890B GC. In combination, the 7890B/5977A GC/MSD delivers value in many ways: increased sample throughput, expanded analytical capabilities, reduced maintenance and decreased cost for energy and gases.

R.I.C. builds all its GC/MS solutions on Agilent GC/MS platforms. We combine the very best sample preparation and sample introduction technologies, the best GC and GC/MS hardware and application know-how to meet your needs exactly.
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7000C GC/MS Triple Quadrupole System

Sensitivity, Speed and Reliability.
7000a_gcqqq.gifThe Agilent 7000C GC/MS Triple Quadrupole System is the latest addition to Agilent’s MS portfolio. The 7000C Triple Quadrupole GC/MS was designed to deliver the most accurate quantitative results and confident identification even in the most complex matrices. Coupled with the 7890B GC, the 7000C MS works in perfect harmony to enhance productivity, save resources and alert operators about pending maintenance. The MassHunter software’s new, enhanced MRM optimization tools and the Pesticides and Environmental Pollutants Database comprehensive information content provides simple yet flexible MS/MS method development.
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7200B GC/Q-TOF System

The new Agilent 7200B GC/Q-TOF is a second generation instrument with improved capabilities to reinforce its position as the best choice for the most challenging problems. The 7200B GC/Q-TOF delivers high sensitivity and selectivity with the added value of accurate mass and high resolution information for structural confirmation of target, non-target or unknown compounds. Agilent’s 7200 GC/Q-TOF redraws the boundaries of GC/MS technology - solving the toughest analytical challenges with confidence.
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We can help you with:

Running your samples

Demonstrate the capabilities

Developing and validating your GC or GC/MS Method

Creating customized solutions based on:

Retention Time Locking (RTL) to increase sample throughput and have greater confidence in your results.

Deconvolution Reporting Software (DRS), an application for target compound analyses.

Unique Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) solutions for flow splitting, column back-flush, two-dimensional GC based on Deans switching and Comprehensive GC (GCxGC).

LTM for fast GC
We can offer practical assistance in selecting, demonstrating and setting up Agilent Low Thermal Mass solutions (LTM) on your GC's.

GERSTEL Solutions
designed to optimize performance, enhance productivity and extend capabilities.