RIC customized training courses and seminars

In order to:

  • be informed on the recent developments in chromatography, electrophoresis or mass spectrometry,
  • update your know-how and knowledge in specific fields of separation sciences,
  • train your staff on specific instrumentation and software programs,
  • develop new analytical methods,
  • educate neophytes in your laboratory on specific analytical methodologies


General program:

  • Fundamentals of Capillary GC (3 days)
  • Recent Developments in Capillary GC (3 days)
  • Capillary GC – Mass Spectroscopy. Identification and Quantitation (3 days)
  • Fundamentals of Liquid Chromatography (3 days)
  • Recent Developments in Liquid Chromatography (3days)
  • Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (3 days)
  • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (2 days)
  • Separation Sciences and Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules (3 days)
  • Recent Developments in Sample Preparation (3 days)


Training courses or seminars can be organized in your laboratory (on-site) or in the Institute and are fully tunable to your needs.

On-site courses offer the following advantages:

  • Courses can be given in English, Dutch or French
  • Hands-on experiments and demonstrations are carried out on your instrumentation
  • The time schedule can be flexible so that normal work can proceed
  • On-site training saves on hotel and travel expenses

More info

Filip Timmermans
Tel +32 (0)56 204 031

For France:
Pascal Hoogenbosch
Tel +33 (0)4 82 533805


Examples of Topics treated in Customized training courses are:

  • Chiral Separations by LC, SFC and CE
  • Comprehensive LCxLC
  • Validation of HPLC
  • Multidimensional Capillary GC
  • Comprehensive GCxGC
  • On-line LC-Capillary GC
  • PTV and large volume injection
  • Thermal desorption
  • Pyrolysis
  • Water Analysis
  • Petrochemical Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Analysis of Pesticides in Food
  • Flavours and Fragrances
  • Proteins and Peptides
  • etc...