Metablys at a glance

Metablys is a new project at the Research Institute for Chromatography focusing on metabolomics.

The discipline of metabolomics aims at the comprehensive measurement of the smaller molecules (metabolites) present in a cell, tissue, biological fluid, etc. and the concomitant detection of the metabolic responses to various stimuli, e.g. disease, pharmaceutical treatment, genetic modification, ... This holistic approach, simultaneously measuring hundreds of species, is revolutionary since it allows to reveal differences between conditions without a priori knowledge. The information retrieved from a metabolomics experiment can be used in drug development, biomarker discovery, plant biotechnology, … and the discipline therefore targets the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology markets.

The extensive knowledge in small molecule analysis, which has been acquired over the years at R.I.C., is currently compiled in a metabolomics platform and will soon be applied in typical metabolomics settings. This new division of R.I.C. will provide top-end service to, and enter into metabolomics-oriented collaborations with pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology companies and further targets all markets that might benefit from an unbiased, non-targeted quantitative and qualitative analysis of small molecules including nutritional, environmental, process chemistry, …

Metablys is equipped with state-of-the-art GC-MS and LC-MS instrumentation as well as all necessary software tools to allow non-targeted and follow-up high throughput targeted measurements.

R.I.C. has a long standing tradition in delivering solutions to its customers. Apart from offering our metabolomics approach to our clients and partners, Metablys further aims at providing the metabolomics and proteomics researchers with the tools necessary to conduct its research. 

R.I.C. is expanding its activities in the life science area 

Concomitantly with the increased focus in the bio-field via its metabolomics division, R.I.C. now offers chromatographic and mass spectrometric solutions to the life science community. Applications include the study of protein glycosylation, protein and peptide identification and quantification, fatty acid and lipid analysis, …


Please contact Dr. Koen Sandra at or if you are interested in these new activities offered by R.I.C.